Thursday 8 September 2011

What is the meaning of Horeca ?

This term HORECA is used in the Netherlands where it is thought to have originated, though it is also used in Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Romania and international beverage companies specializing in this sector.

HoReCa is an iconic business term which primarily refers to a sector of the food service industry, to establishments which prepare and serve food and beverages. The term is a syllabic abbreviation to the words Hotels & Restaurant Category but to some it also may mean Hotel/Restaurant/Café (or Hotel/Restaurant/Caterer, or Hotel/Restaurant/Canteen) which as per my knowledge is CORRECT.

There are few industries who add few more stars to this like HoReCa & Ma which actually means Hotels, Restaurants, Caterers & Massage Parlours ( this works more easily for wellness, olive oil, cosmetics industry).

Many companies also comfortably call or term it as the FOOD SERVICES or Institutions business.  

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